Activities i Nyksund

Delpen Bokcafe

Delpen Book Cafe is our antiques store and coffee shop with an unique selection of objet d'art. Here you will also find the front desk and staff of NyksundRom. We are located in the yellow building in main street called the With & Wallann building. Welcome! 

Zoar Nyksund Bedehus

This is the church in in Nyksund. From 1888. Open 24 hours.   

Nyksund Kunst Arena

Art museums that consists of:

  • Delpen Bokcafe

  • Nyksund Art Gallery

  • Arthurbrygga

  • Nyksund Brygge  

Seasafari Øksnes

Bird safari, seal safari, boat taxi, fishing trips etc. Their office is in the Arntsen-building. Tip; walk the Queens route to Stø fishing village, and return to Nyksund by boat taxi. Order in advance.  

The Queens route hiking trail

Walk from Nyksund to Stø fishing village. Choose between

The coastal route: Nyksundskaret - Enge - Stø, 5.2 km, takes about 2.5 hours.


Over the mountain: Nyksundskaret - Kjølen - Stø, 8.1 km, takes about 5 hours. 


More info here: 

Guiding in Nyksund

Get to know the old fishing village Nyksund and its history. Ask us in Delpen Book Cafe for more info about this activity.  

Boat trip with M/S Sjøblomsten

Boat trips for larger groups. Fishing and events. Ask us in Delpen Book Cafe for more info about this activity.  

Arctic Whale Tours Stø

Whale safari from the small fishing village Stø, about 10-15 minutes from Nyksund with boat taxi or car (you can order boat taxi with Seasafari Øksnes).