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Welcome to NyksundRom accommodation 

My name is Atle Valland. I was born in Nyksund and lived here until I was 16 years old. I then left Nyksund to become a sailor, later I operated ships and eventually became a pioneer in software development. In the early 1990's I bought a house here and little by little I have moved back to Nyksund. These days I live here for about half the year and run NyksundRom and Delpen Book Cafe. Today there are 25 people living in Nyksund all year round. 

What does NyksundRom mean? If you havent guessed it already it just consist of the word Nyksund and the Norwegian word for room. We offer accommodation in two buildings in Nyksund, these are the With & Wallann-building, and in the Arntsen-building. In pictures of Nyksund, With & Wallann is the yellow colour building, and the green/white colour building is the Arntsen-building. They are close by each other and are situated in the main street of Nyksund.  

The With & Wallann-building was earlier a general store and post office in Nyksund. Today on the first floor you will find the front desk of NyksundRom and our store Delpen Book Cafe. The Arntsen-building on the other hand was earlier a fish prosessing factory. 

The buildings are today renovated to become our nice accommodation rooms and apartments on the second and third floor of the buildings. 

Again welcome to Nyksund and us in NyksundRom. We are waiting to hear from you. 

Atle Valland and the NyksundRom team

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